Drop your dumbbells and listen up because creating the ultimate omnichannel experience has never been easier or more effective thanks to the Volution Web Player - giving health clubs, gyms and personal trainers the ability to offer on-demand classes, live streaming and 1-2-1 personal training online, all within a single, united platform. Expertly designed to offer a seamless experience on both mobile and desktop, the Volution Web Player is the must-have tool for the age of omnichannel fitness.     

Better still, the Web Player can be styled with your logo, colours, and fonts, as well as images of your choice. And because we know not all clubs are the same, the Web Player’s features are fully interchangeable and customisable, allowing operators and trainers to choose from a range of core features including:

  • On-demand Video Classes
  • Pre-defined Workouts
  • 1-2-1 Personal Training
  • Workout Builder
  • All of the features above can be easily accessed by clients through the Web Player app. 

Powerful core features to elevate your virtual offering

On-demand classes and live streaming - Today’s consumers demand a constant supply of fresh content to keep them motivated and engaged. The Web Player allows operators and trainers to build a library of Netflix-style, on-demand content for members to watch at their own convenience. Whatever you produce - from HIIT to Yoga and beyond - Volution will host it all! 

Sequenced Workouts - We get it - creating high-quality content takes time! That’s why we’ve produced a bank of over 100 different exercises comprising core, mobility, cardio, and resistance training, so you can quickly build sequenced workouts for your clients, tailored to their programmes and goals. Job done! 

Workout Builder - According to global marketing company, Epsilon, 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalised experiences, so it’s essential that any online training has this element. The Web Player offers members the chance to tailor their own workouts based on their fitness focus, placing the power of personalisation firmly in their hands - leading to greater satisfaction, engagement, results, and retention. 

Bespoke features designed for you

Having the right tech partner in place enables operators and trainers to maximise their online platforms and serve up the best omnichannel experiences possible for clients. At Volution, we live by innovation each and every day - meaning we’re always looking to improve our products and are committed to driving positive outcomes for our customers. So, if you have an idea for something more bespoke to add to the Web Player, we’re more than happy to go the extra mile to build it in. 

Monetising your Web Player

The beauty of a digital platform (Web Player) and virtual engagement is that it enables operators and trainers to sustain around-the-clock interaction with clients and never lose connection, which is vital for retention! 

It also provides the opportunity to give members a flexible way to access content and services, from pay-per-download options to tiered monthly subscriptions designed to suit clients with varying needs, expectations, personality types, and comfort levels.  

For example, Tier One could be a ‘digital-only’ membership, which gives access to all the on-demand video classes, pre-defined workouts, workout builder, and a capped number of 1-2-1 PT sessions, all from the comfort of the client’s home. Tier Two could give clients access to all the online content, as well as a capped number of face-to-face PT sessions each month for a more phygital, omnichannel experience. And Tier Three… well, that’s up to you! 

Of course, there are many other ways the tiers could be structured. Some may want a fourth tier to provide a purely physical PT membership for those who aren’t interested in online training, and for when we return to ‘normal’. But we’re pretty sure that most clients would prefer one of the ‘hybrid’ or ‘omnichannel’ packages to take advantage of the full range of benefits (physical and virtual) on offer. 

 By including pay-as-you-go content as part of your offering and payment mix, you’ll be able to create another revenue stream for your business by opening it up to more casual exercisers who like to pick and choose their experiences at the times that suit them.    

Amplify your member engagement

Stats and feedback to keep members engaged and motivated are paramount to driving revenue. Through the Web Player, you can let your members know how they’re progressing by giving them real-life stats based on their activity. This helps them to visualise their progress which, in turn, keeps them returning for more. 

Not only that, you’ll be able to see which on-demand workouts, live-streamed classes and PT sessions have the highest and lowest attendance levels. You can then adjust your offering to give clients more of what they want, when they want it, creating a positive uplift in club and/or PT session attendance, member engagement and long-term value (LTV). With the data to show you which type of fitness, and fitness products/services, your clients like to consume, you’ll be able to put the steps in place that enable them to develop long-lasting habits with your brand and/or club. Once a habit loop is formed, retention, and upselling, becomes much easier and cheaper.

This all sounds great, but what about data protection we hear you ask? The Web Player allows you to create personal user accounts, so clients’ accounts remain secure and you can control who sees what content - ensuring that you build, and keep, that all-important trust factor with clients. 

Get the bigger picture 

A customised dashboard allows operators and trainers to measure KPIs in real-time to ensure business is moving in the right direction. By bringing all of your data into one place, it means you can track trends between data sets, such as class and personal training attendance, showing the correlation between club/session attendance and LTV value of clients. Having the ‘big picture’ of what engagement looks like across all aspects of your business means you have full control of your products and services and can fine-tune your models for best practice. This, in turn, enables you to make more accurate, and much faster, micro-decisions that can make a real difference to your client experience and bottom line. 

Empower your team

If you’re a gym operator or owner of a personal training company with several staff members on your books, the Trainer Dashboard included within the Web Player is a great way to keep your team motivated and

engaged through the collation of ongoing stats and feedback. By allowing you to keep track of important KPIs for the team (including number of clients, conversation rate, number of interactions, completed sessions, upcoming sessions, and revenue generated), you’ll be able to encourage, challenge and empower your team to be the best they can be - elevating results for the business from both a client and commercial standpoint.

What’s more, by providing each individual client with their own access to the Web Player, they’ll be able to perform every duty within their role, all from one place - delivering 1-2-1 personal training sessions and live-streamed classes, creating on-demand content, building sequenced workouts, - even uploading their own podcasts for clients to listen to on the go. All of these actions, and the subsequent data, then feeds back into the central dashboard, helping you to make smarter, faster, more impactful business decisions. 

Last but not least, the Web Player takes the stress out of scaling your team because every new and existing member will be using the same platform - allowing you to take a unified approach as a business.  

The all-in-one tool to take your fitness business to the next level

As you can see, the Web Player is a powerful, all-in-one, data-driven platform that enables gym operators and PT companies to supercharge their virtual engagement and deliver an incredible omnichannel experience - future-proofing their businesses for years to come. So, will you be on board, or be left behind? 

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